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FAA Approved Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Course

The position of Aircraft Dispatcher is one of the most respected, desirable, and  prestigious positions within an airline company.  The nature of the duties and responsibilities, combined with the requirement to hold a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aircraft Dispatcher License (the equivalent of an Airline Transport Rating), makes the Aircraft Dispatcher position one of the most highly paid professions in the airline industry.

TransCon Aviation is an FAA Approved Training Organization that meets and exceeds the rigid U.S. Government requirements for qualification as an Approved Dispatcher Training Facility.

Our instructional staff consists of Dispatchers, Pilots, and Maintenance Technicians with well over a century experience, who are qualified and current with FAR Part 121 Domestic and Flag Operations. All instructors are experienced in U.S. Code of Federal Aviation 91/119/121/135/125 Air Carrier Operations.

The Dispatcher's Role- An Aircraft Dispatcher is the individual whose responsibility is to exercise positive operational control over each flight under his/her authority as assigned by the company.  Operational control is the exercise of authority over initiating, conducting, or terminating company flights.  The Dispatcher shares the responsibility of operational control equally with the Pilot in Command of the flight. ALL Scheduled AIRLINES operating in the United States are required by the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 14 Part 121) to employ enough Aircraft Dispatchers to exercise operational control over all company flights. Dispatchers are sometimes referred to as Flight Superintendents or Flight Operations Officers. The job can be accurately compared tothe "Mission Controller" position of the NASA Space Program.

The Dispatcher's Authority-
The Dispatcher is authorized to conduct operational control by the FAA. This authorization is in the form of an FAA Airman Dispatcher Certificate.  This certificate is issued after the candidate is trained to the competence level and has successfuly met the requirements to exercise such authority.  The individual’s ability to serve in that capacity is demonstrated to the FAA by successfully passing written and practical examinations administered by the FAA or FAA Designated Examiners.

Aviation Career Training And Certification

  • Aircraft Dispatcher
  • Aviation Meteorologist
  • Aviation Operations Management 
  • Human Factors (CRM – DRM)
  • Crew Scheduler
  • Pilot Certificate Ground Schools
  • Weight & Balance Coordinator
  • System Operations Specialists
  • Load Planning
  • Flight Planning
  • Flight Following
  • Company Specific Indoc, Initial, and Recurrent Training

Course Information

TransCon Aviation’s Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Training is second to none.  Aircraft Dispatcher Certification training may result in immediate employment in the aviation industry, or it can be the starting point for even bigger things.  In addition to the Aircraft Dispatcher Airman Certificate our programs can prepare you for everything from Career Certificates to an Associates Degree in Aviation Management which can lead you on to Bachelors Degree programs in everything from Operations Management to Air Traffic Control.

The first step is the Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Course.

Applicants must be able to read, speak, write, understand English, and be a high school graduate (or equivalent) to be eligable for the training.  Those meeting the requirements prior to reaching the age of 23 will receive a letter of accomplishment and certificate of competence upon completion of exams. Upon reaching the age of 23 the license will then be issued in exchange for the letter of competence.


        Basic Course  240 hours       Contact TransCon for details
        Advanced*     120 hours       Contact TransCon for details

        Distant Learning Course      Contact TransCon for details

        Expanded Course  60 hours
        Consists of:           Collaborative Decision Making
                                   Aviation Safety Program Management
        Contact TransCon for details

Course Subjects:

       Aviation Law                      Meteorology

       Emergency Procedures       Navigation

       Practical Dispatching           Arcraft Systems

       Air Traffic Control               Communications

*Advanced Course -- Requires proof of prior industry experience and/or training.

Class Schedule: Contact TransCon Aviation for details

Other Courses Available:

               Pilot Ground Training – Private, Commercial, Instrument

               Air Transport Pilot Prep

               Extended Overwater Operations

               Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums

               Collaborative Decision Making

Aviation Safety Program Management


Contact TransCon Aviation
1-800-469-7064 or


        Single occupancy

        Double occupancy

Accommodations approximately 3/4 mile from training facilities with shuttle transportation available


Our training facilities are located at 9998 Wakeman Drive at the Manassas Virginia Regional Airport.  The Washington, DC area is an East Coast hub of aviation and airline activity with Dulles, Reagan National, and Baltimore Washington International Airports, as well as the Federal Aviation Administration headquarters and various major Air Traffic Control facilities located here. Not to mention the numerous corporate, military, and federal aviation operations that are based in the area. What better training environment could you ask for?

Driving Directions

From I-66:
Take Exit 44 - Route 234 South; the exit only goes in one direction (approach signs to the exit may mention Prince William Parkway). After approximately 8.5 miles, turn right at the Clover Hill Rd light. Clover Hill will turn into Harry Parrish Blvd. At the intersection of Harry Parrish Blvd and Wakeman Dr, you are at the Manassas Regional Airport.

From Route 28:
Turn south onto Godwin Drive. Just beyond the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles building, turn right onto Gateway Boulevard. Stay in the left hand lane of Gateway Boulevard. After you cross the railroad tracks Gateway Boulevard becomes Wakeman Drive and you are at the Manassas Regional Airport.

From the Prince William Parkway toward Manassas:
There is a traffic light at the intersection of the Parkway with Liberia Avenue. Liberia Avenue goes to the right and Prince William Parkway to the left. Turn left onto Prince William Parkway to the Route 234 Bypass. Take a right on to the Route 234 Bypass for a mile. Turn right at the second light, Clover Hill Road. Clover Hill Rd. will turn into Harry Parrish Blvd. At the intersection of Harry Parrish Blvd and Wakeman Dr, you are at the Manassas Regional Airport.

From Dumfries Road:
Follow Dumfries Road (Route 234) into the City of Manassas. Dumfries Road becomes Grant Avenue. After going under the railroad underpass, take the second left onto Church Street in Old Town Manassas (that is also Route 28). At the end of Old Town at the Prince William County Judicial Center, Route 28 becomes four lanes and is called Nokesville Road. From this point go about 3-1/2 miles to a left turn onto Godwin Drive. (There is a BP gas station at the corner.) A short distance up Godwin Drive, turn right onto Gateway Boulevard, just past the Department of Motor Vehicles. After you cross the railroad tracks Gateway Boulevard becomes Wakeman Drive and you are at the Manassas Regional Airport

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