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air traffic control training
With a rich history of serving the airline industry providing over a century of combined experience, TransCon Aviation has the "boots on the ground" expertise to give you competent, certified training from instructors with real-world experience.

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The demand for dispatchers is worldwide.  There are numerous jobs in aviation, not only airlines, but also private industry, corporate, and business.  The FAA forecasts 14,000 aviation job openings due to replacements and retirements.  More...
A TransCon graduate leaves the training environment with the tools necessary to embrace the Aviation/Airline industry.
A TransCon graduate can confidently enter the next chapter in their life ready to make their mark.
A Transcon graduate finishes our program a stronger person for the experience.
I Learned About Dispatching from That...

…”Dispatch this is San Francisco (SFO) Radio TC 6003 wants to talk.”... SFO Dispatch,  “put him on.” ...“Dispatch - 6003, Kansas City (MKC) times out 2045 off 2058Z; fuel 19,500lbs, your place Dulles (IAD) 2328Z – see ya.”

This is the departure of TC 6003 from Kansas City. The flight was a non-revenue (no passengers) positioning flight resulting from a live charter from IAD to MKC earlier. As the dispatcher I had reviewed the weather noticing several scattered areas of moisture (clouds) from Cross City, FL northward into Georgia, South Carolina, and southern North Carolina. Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC-clear to scattered clouds) was indicated from MKC to IAD. I also reviewed the Notams (Navigation, Route, Etc., irregularities reports) and all were in order. The Aircraft logbook entries were discussed with the Maintenance Controller (Maintenance Department coordinator for the Dispatch Section) and the airplane had no penalizing problems. With this completed I prepared and transmitted the Dispatch Release to the Captain and those concerned.   Continued.

air traffic control training

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