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TransCon Aviation Job Placement Policy

TransCon Aviation is so confident in its training that we guarantee students who diligently apply for local, regional and USA employment opportunities in the aviation industry, upon successful completion of the training and issuance of the letter of accomplishment and certificate of competence and/or FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate, will be considered for a position no later than 90 days after successfully completing our training or we will provide 3 months of job placement assistance at no COST to you. 

To increase the employment opportunities available students are encouraged to consider all aviation employment options for which you are eligible.  Since employment opportunities may or may not be immediately available in your local area at the time of your search, considering positions which may require commuting or relocation to a major city should be considered. 

Disclaimer:  It is our desire to successfully place 100% of all students who receive their FAA Aircraft Dispatchers Certificate or a Letter of Competence.   However, individual work history, interviewing skills, background information and other factors beyond our control affect hiring manager’s decisions to extend an offer of employment.  Therefore, despite the efforts made by TransCon Aviation, we do not guarantee all interviews will result in an offer of employment.

Aircraft Dispatcher

Pay And Benefits

Aircraft Dispatcher pay varies by employer and their location. As an aircraft Dispatcher with a regional carrier you can expect to earn between $32,000 and $40,000 per year.  Seniority in the range of 10 years or more with a company can result in salaries of $100,000 per year and more.  A major carrier normally starts an Assistant Dispatcher in the $40,000 per year range.  Generally, dispatcher work schedules rotate days off with days of work, which range from 239 to as few as 219 days per year depending on the company.

Benefits will also vary depending on the carrier, but most generally will include medical, dental, disability, and life insurance, and may include savings plans, credit unions, and stock purchase and retirement plans.  You can also expect paid holidays and vacations.  Of course one of the benefits that most companies offer their Aircraft Dispatchers is free travel on that carrier and possibly even reduced fares for immediate family members.

Employment Possibilities

Most major airlines require at least 5 years of airline dispatch experience to be considered for a position as an Assistant Dispatcher.  Being a recent graduate of a quality school, it is more likely to expect to go to work for a regional airline as these carriers hire on a more frequent basis.  Employment as an Aircraft Dispatcher will likely require some flexibility on the part of the applicant since most major airline dispatch offices are located in major metropolitan areas.  It is not the type of job that is available everywhere there is an airport.  That being said, once you have obtained your Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate it documents that you have an in depth knowlege of aviation and airline operations. The Dispatcher Certificate is regarded at a level that will place you in front - for other types of employment with airline companies at airports nationwide, and will enhance promotion opportunities within your company and entery into the Flight Operations Department when job openings become avaiable.  Some of these initial positions can include Airline Operations and Customer Service Agents.

So the jobs are there.  A little patience and flexibility may be required in the beginning, but an interesting and rewarding career awaits you.

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